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Detailed Cleaning & Chemical Analysis

Get your pool ready for summer with spring cleaning services from Clearview Pool Services of Jax, Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida. For your safety, we also offer routine chemical analysis. Our services are fully customizable. We offer a Service to fit ANY Budget!

Full Service

Let us take care of your pool with our 15-point service, including balancing your pool’s chemicals. Our services are offered year-round on a weekly basis. Enjoy your beautiful pool after we:

• Check Pool Equipment
• Check & Clean Skimmer
  & Pump Baskets
• Clean Tile & Filters
• Vacuum

• Check & Balance Chemicals
• Brush Pool Walls and Floor



Chemical Service

Maintaining the proper balance of chemicals in your pool is crucial for your safety as a swimmer. Keep your pool finish in good condition with our weekly chemical balancing service. If you already know the ins and outs of pool cleaning, but need assistance with checking chemicals, this service is for you.

Pool - Spring Cleaning

One-Time Cleanup

If your pool has remained unused over winter or a long period of time, we come out and thoroughly clean it. Our goal is to bring your pool to swimmable condition for the summer season. You can also use our service before and after a pool party or storm.

We work with foreclosed properties, cleaning and maintaining the pool until your house is sold. For new pool owners, we offer classes on how to use your pool equipment and how to maintain the chemicals, as well as general pool care. Our cleanup service includes:

• Assessing Equipment for
  Replacements or Repairs
• Removing Major Debris • Brushing & Vacuuming • Checking & Balancing Chemicals

Contact us if your pool is in need of spring cleaning or a chemical analysis.